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Sex: Female


Status: Single

Here For: Exhibitionism

Location: Long island, NY, USA


Occupation(s): student

Member Since: 6.20.05

Last Login: 8.10.07

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battle brain/ruff copy

music video sort of not really unfinished

- More Info - - midway


the moving walkway is about to end. the moving walkway is about to end.

- More Info - - sweet road

sweet road

little movie to the film by me and regina starring me and regina sort of

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a short on child abuse i made to be shown before a modern dance piece of the sam... (continued)

- More Info - - film/dance piece pt. one

film/dance piece pt. one

this is a piece i'm working on with a friend to complement a dance preformance t... (continued)

- More Info - - writer's block

writer's block

a reality show about 8 journalists, writers, authors, and news reporters who are... (continued)

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an excellent day for umbrella salesmen.

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first school play. now in technicolor.

- More Info - - grover and minnie

grover and minnie

what teens really talk about.

- More Info - - Axe Killer Round 1: The Saga Begins

Axe Killer Round 1: The Saga Begins

circa about six million years ago

- More Info - - The Best Mom Ever

The Best Mom Ever

first video ever before i figured out how to get the date and time off the scre... (continued)

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