anal_puppet Oh! Hé! Hein! Bon!

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Name:Lefty & Brown


Here For: Narcissism

Hometown: Choke & Puke, OH

Location: EastEndGirls, &, WestEndGirls

Occupation(s): Puppet

Member Since: 5.02.05

Last Login: 12.22.05

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it's recording, but...

"why don't i see the things? i can't see anything." "that's why. oh, sorry."

- More Info - - good things come in pairs.

good things come in pairs.

does anyone remember this from sesame street? lefty & brown do, + they have a... (continued)

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beauty marks the spot, pt. 2

more lessons in molarity

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beauty marks the spot, pt. 1

our moles, ourselves

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grand tour du chocolat

we checked them all out.

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Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge
Crossing t...

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Wednesday May 11, 2005 11:24 PM

anal_puppet used to think that *I* was weird and scary, in a funhouse sort of way. This is coming from someone(s) called *anal_puppet*, I repeat, ANAL PUPPET, who boasts the creepiest darn animation I have ever seen. Anyone else have nightmares involving an endless succession of David Hasselhoffs emanating from his predecessor's groin? Yikes!


Thursday May 05, 2005 7:46 AM

i cannot stop staring at your impossibly hypnotic crotch