Assignments › - test Celebrity
Do an impression of a really annoying celebrity.
Videos: 134 - Urology Chain Movie
Make a movie that connects to the previous one.
Videos: 26 - d Chase Scenes
Running, driving, flying, swimming, or dancing; Everybody l...
Videos: 14 - Apartment for rent Chicago Apartment Rentals is a Chicago neighborhood blog site that is de...
Videos: 4 - English Numbers : Fractions Childhood
Share a part of your history with us.
Videos: 98 - A Farmer went Trotting Nursery Rhyme Children's Story
A story told to children.
Videos: 40 - some weird crap from about 4 years ago Choose Your Own Adventure
Make a movie using the structure of a Choose Your Own Advent...
Videos: 39 - as much as you feat Clay
Make a claymation, etc.
Videos: 20 - ottmar liebert - flamenco - barcelona nights.mp3 Collage
Put a bunch of random stuff together.
Videos: 43 - New Villager - Rich Doors Shoot Collective Consciousness
This assignment has been created to aggregate conversations,...
Videos: 31 - Ultimate Blues Backing Tracks Color
Do a film where the main subject is a color or mix of colors...
Videos: 30 - Tips and Tricks - Proven Formula to Search Engine Optimization Combine
Combine multiple assignments. Tell us which ones.
Videos: 35 - Naked and Free? Ms. Poopee Doodee Reports comedy

Videos: 11 - Affordable SEO Service For Small Business Commercial
Make a commercial for a product, real or imagined.
Videos: 116 - Delaware - The First State Of The Rock N. Roll Revolution Compare
Compare two or more things
Videos: 19 - Dexter - All Thieves confessional

Videos: 2 - Comedian Confirmation
Show us that you are here.

(make a video that in...
Videos: 19 - The Paper Contortion
Twist and shout.
Videos: 20
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