Assignments › - Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions Trailer Dreams
Show us what your dreams are like.
Videos: 72 - Miracle Ed Wood-Experimentalism
Experimentalism in film of any kind done with the talent of ...
Videos: 18 - Fanta Virtual Tennis edit in camera
must be shot in camera, no use editing software.
Videos: 8 - Why Chalko Taco is the Best Band in the World Element
make a movie that the main characte is an natural element, l...
Videos: 8 - The Foreigner Eros
turn us on.
Videos: 60 - Fractal TV Antenna Experiment
mess with the effects, etc til you get something you weren\'t...
Videos: 63 - Ultranormal Eye Candy
Show us something pretty.
Videos: 47 - My Niece and I are Best Friends Family
What's your family like?
Videos: 113 - Frozen in Two Fan Mail
Make a movie for someone or something that you're a fan of.
Videos: 46 - Feed Feed
Record someone eating.
Videos: 28 - Exclusive with Calvin Harris on Coca-Cola Creatures Five minute artists present
document an artist in action. they must create a peice of ar...
Videos: 9 - Vogelgriep Flash
Put your flash animations here.
Videos: 34 - FFFF06 Movie - Your Mom Florida 1440 Film Fiasco
Gainesville, Florida\'s annual 24-hour filmmaking challenge.<...
Videos: 51 - Tunisie Foreign
Made in or about a land or culture or language that is not y...
Videos: 13 - Zip Line Calgary Friends
Make a movie about your friends.
Videos: 96 - i'm going to new york frog tunes
mp3's from threw out the years
Videos: 51 - Elves Gone Wild! frog's xmas tree collection
2 min. video of your xmas tree to be included into the \"fro...
Videos: 7 - Patrick Stump on Open Happiness - Behind the Scenes Interview Fun with Phono
Take a piece of dialogue from another source and make a movi...
Videos: 19
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