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Pineapple Ovacado
by ic_aloser


- More Info - - Feed Back

Feed Back
by jared

Playing with the machine as the medium.

- More Info - - Mirror Ham

Mirror Ham
by jared

A ham in a mirror

- More Info - - revenge of the screaming devils

revenge of the screaming devils
by krebstar_2000

sometimes they come back. i was flipping channels last night and came across ... (continued)

- More Info - - compute

by mitchtaylor

compute compute compute compute

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- More Info - - Art Film 1

Art Film 1
by ransom

A disgruntled neighbor takes action.

- More Info - - I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
by zac

I hadn't so much forgot as I couldn't bring myself to remember. Other things wer... (continued)

- More Info - - Project Omicron Excerpt

Project Omicron Excerpt
by jared

Walk into a hallway. Dream the duelality of your childhood house. Know the lesse... (continued)

- More Info - - i got jazz in my pants

i got jazz in my pants
by knives

this is just a preview. full feature coming sooon!

- More Info - - PORN IS SINISTER

by coma

Porn is sinister.

- More Info - - T Love

T Love
by maigin

This song reminds me of puppies, kittens, and children, which are a few of T's f... (continued)

- More Info - - Unbelievable

by ogodno

this is a movie i did for a digital video class. we make shorts that have anythi... (continued)

- More Info - - afternoon tea

afternoon tea
by frau

the other song... (continued)

- More Info - - ride the skies

ride the skies
by zac

i always look at the sky. day or night. you never know what you might see. who k... (continued)

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