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Sex: Male


Status: Single

Here For: Criticism

Hometown: Jewett City, CT

Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA


Occupation(s): Multimedia Producer

Member Since: 5.11.05

Last Login: 3.07.13

Videos 27 More | Subscribe | Play All | Shuffle - My Niece and I are Best Friends

My Niece and I are Best Friends

My niece, Olivia, and I have an earnest conversation.

- More Info - - 90 Second Reel

90 Second Reel

A 90 second sample of work that O-Patch Productions has made.

- More Info - - Leica Boutique Video

Leica Boutique Video

Get an insider's view of the new Leica Boutique which opened at the Willoughby's... (continued)

- More Info - - A Normal Day at Camp

A Normal Day at Camp

I worked at a summer camp for two weeks and made this for the kids.

- More Info - - Hat Attack Informerical

Hat Attack Informerical

So, Aubin asked me to help him make a SECOND video. This one had to be a 10 min... (continued)

- More Info - - Jewett City's Unusual Happenings

Jewett City's Unusual Happenings

My final film as a first year film student at SVA.

- More Info - - Mountain Dew Is Good Part 2

Mountain Dew Is Good Part 2

Stop motion sexfulness.

- More Info - - Mountain Dew Is Good 3

Mountain Dew Is Good 3

In my younger days, myself and my good friend Dan made stop motion movies using ... (continued)

- More Info - - Hat Attack

Hat Attack

My boy Aubin is taking a marketing class and asked me to make a commercial for h... (continued)

- More Info - - Construction Worker Constructing

Construction Worker Constructing

I did not film nor do the voice over for this.

- More Info - - Blanky


I'm not quite sure what her relationship with the blanket is, but I do know it s... (continued)

- More Info - - Teacher's Pet

Teacher's Pet

Project I did with a Bolex and 16mm b&w. God, I missed my xl-1...

- More Info - - Seperate Ways

Seperate Ways

Me singing the soulful tune "Seperate Ways" by rock super-stars Journey. Film... (continued)

- More Info - - Anti-Bush Protest

Anti-Bush Protest

Nov 2nd, New York got pissed and had a convention in Union Square. Most of the ... (continued)

- More Info - - Punchout:  Minor Circuit

Punchout: Minor Circuit

So, I more or less finished the Punchout vid. It is about 1:40 and thats all I ... (continued)

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