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Sex: Male


Status: Celibate

Here For: Exhibitionism

Location: Schenectady, NY, USA

Occupation(s): Blowing Minds

Member Since: 5.17.05

Last Login: 12.04.07

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What if your broom was your mother

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Marc Zouhar - Let's Roll
Marc Zouha...

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Tuesday May 17, 2005 4:08 PM

These guys were exceptionally nice and welcoming to LIV Tyler In The Universe back in '99 when we toured New York State. Also, they got it. The video of their show that they gave me to watch still wigs me out. Be sure to "appease" them with "ketchup" or they will haunt your dreams forever.


Tuesday May 17, 2005 2:15 AM

These Guys Melt my Mind. First time I herd about them. I was told the BCN had there own public accsess station were the went crazy doing what everthey wanted all night long form 10at night to 7 in the morning. live television. True television experimentation. Brakein the rulez.