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Sex: Male


Status: Single

Here For: Exhibitionism

Hometown: never been there but I hear it's not as bustling as Toiletown

Location: Van Nuys, CA, USA

Occupation(s): living work of fiction

Member Since: 5.15.05

Last Login: 6.16.09

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life happens in flashes.

- More Info - - Shining Moment (LNO III)

Shining Moment (LNO III)

the end of the beginning of a new life

- More Info - - A Personality in Posters

A Personality in Posters

This project started as a quaint idea and grew into something of an analysis of ... (continued)

- More Info - - Nothing is Permanent

Nothing is Permanent


- More Info - - Cave Canem

Cave Canem

Je ne veux pas ruiner le morceau. Il est prétentieux pour l'appeler un morceau d... (continued)

- More Info - - Tribal Tungsten or electrodance

Tribal Tungsten or electrodance

fun fun fun. watch it and then dance around, or pause it in random spots for a p... (continued)

- More Info - - If Only...

If Only...

my first stop motion piece ever. and a personal dream of mine to one day have al... (continued)

- More Info - - What Real Men Do (LNO II)

What Real Men Do (LNO II)

more words of wisdom

- More Info - - Cheaper Trailer

Cheaper Trailer

This is the trailer I had to make for the show that four of my friends and I are... (continued)

- More Info - - On The Rocks (Lads' Night Out I)

On The Rocks (Lads' Night Out I)

A night out with some friends leads to revelations in life.

- More Info - - Yummm


Luis is great!

- More Info - - Shock Therapy is for All

Shock Therapy is for All

Daisy getting therapized!

- More Info - - Dog's Drag

Dog's Drag

my dogs. one black lab, one yellow lab, Daisy and Henry, respectively. Wiggin' o... (continued)

- More Info - - Experiment One pt 2

Experiment One pt 2

the second half of the vid

- More Info - - Eperiment One pt.1

Eperiment One pt.1

My iBook came with iMovie, and this was the first thing imade (bad, bad, bad jok... (continued)

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