dieldrin Ooowww......Check out the blue vain.

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dieldrin dieldrin dieldrin

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Sex: Male


Status: Single

Here For: Community

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA (Ragin Cagin)

Location: ORLANDO, FL, USA

Occupation(s): Graphic Artist

Member Since: 8.19.04

Last Login: 3.11.08

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MedicineFilms.com - I Hate Peeps!

I Hate Peeps!

Happy family of peeps are peeping, jumping, running, tick tac toeing, smoking cr... (continued)

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MedicineFilms.com - New Orleans

New Orleans

Took a road trip to New Orleans to visit a friend i havent seen in a while. Thi... (continued)

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MedicineFilms.com - A Tunnel

A Tunnel

Driving back to Scorelando from New Orleans, Some where in Alabama.

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MedicineFilms.com - Skunk At The Art Show!

Skunk At The Art Show!

Chill out at Mich opening, and Zack is "Like Whoa" and pointed to this girl with... (continued)

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MedicineFilms.com - Video Games

Video Games

Brother playing Need for SPeed Underground 2, and getting all up set.

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MedicineFilms.com - Special Friends

Special Friends

Party, friends, drunk....

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MedicineFilms.com - The Big Apple

The Big Apple

I went up to NY a couple months ago to see some friends and the city.

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MedicineFilms.com - Super Stoned In Bean Town!!!

Super Stoned In Bean Town!!!

My friends up at Berkley and me being silly riped.....wowsers!

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MedicineFilms.com - Party TIme With Desoto Jones!

Party TIme With Desoto Jones!

My friends from Jersey Desoto Jones were on tour and stoped in good old Orlando,... (continued)

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MedicineFilms.com - Blow This Mother Out!

Blow This Mother Out!

A young lad at his job. His boss just pissed him off by calling him a puppy. So ... (continued)

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MedicineFilms.com - The Tatrow Brothers (there so cute)

The Tatrow Brothers (there so cute)

Nothing very cool, just chillin at the house board with a pull my finger fart pe... (continued)

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Tuesday May 10, 2005 9:05 PM

Tick-tock you don't stop--stop


Thursday Feb 17, 2005 7:41 PM

davin you best get yo ass down here and go dancing with us!

dirty sanchez!


Wednesday Oct 13, 2004 10:21 PM

Davin will always be locked in my heart. In my heart of highschool photo class.
"Lets'do it to it" oh yeah and i'll never forget club pelley!


Tuesday Oct 12, 2004 10:49 AM

this kid seriously rocks!