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Videos 14 More | Subscribe | Play All | Shuffle - FLYTV - Episode #2

FLYTV - Episode #2

FLYTV the comedy series...EPISODE #2 episode 3 in February!

- More Info - - FLYTV Episode #1

FLYTV Episode #1

i am now adding full episodes of FLYTV as part of a series...a new one each mont... (continued)

- More Info - - the Teddy Prank

the Teddy Prank

THIS IS REAL! my friend J and i did this a few years ago...but we filmed people... (continued)



music video for MANDROID (Destroyers of the Human Race) song "MECHANICAL SATISFA... (continued)

- More Info - - I'll Punch U in the Face!

I'll Punch U in the Face!

FLYTV brings you a comedy video about...uhm punching people in the face???

- More Info - - Jesus Rides a Harley!

Jesus Rides a Harley!

FLYTV presents a dumb comedy song about Jesus and his HotRod! lol

- More Info - - We Won't Say

We Won't Say "K" (the F-Word Song)!

flytv's song about all those "Bad" words we love to say!

- More Info - - You'll Probably Die!

You'll Probably Die!

flytv's comedy song and video about the fact that everything we do seems to well... (continued)

- More Info - - Foot in My Crotch!

Foot in My Crotch!

Flytv presents a song about feet and crotches?

- More Info - - Oh, Weiners Weiners (fake Ad)

Oh, Weiners Weiners (fake Ad)

flytv presents a strange and slightly dirty fake advertisement about hotdogs?

- More Info - - Stick Out Your Tongue!

Stick Out Your Tongue!

flytv presents a strange comedy song and video about sticking out your big muscl... (continued)

- More Info - - Scrapbookin' 4 Real

Scrapbookin' 4 Real

flytv presents a strange song about being the best gangster at (continued)

- More Info - - Oh, Mr. TrashCan

Oh, Mr. TrashCan

flytv's ode to a wonderful little guy called MR. TRASHCAN!

- More Info - - CUPCAKES


flytv delivers a short song/video about the love of cupcakes

- More Info -

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Sunday Jul 02, 2006 3:45 PM

Well, despite the fact that every episode of FlyTv I watch is an experience of comedic interruptus- 'cause every dang videos jam on me right near the end, I still get lots of bang for my humor buck.


Sunday Jul 02, 2006 1:44 PM

damn you are as cool as sliced bread!

welcome to the site!