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  • Why can't I view some of the Quicktime Movies?

    Any movies created with Quicktime 7 cannot be viewed with any version before Quicktime 7. If you are on a PC, download a preiview version of Quicktime 7 here. or for MAC OS X click here.

  • Why do you use assignments?

    Because this website is geared towards people who don't necessarily come from a film background, we find that the Assignments serve as a good launching board for people to begin thinking creatively about what types of home videos they want to make and inspire unique approaches to familiar subject matter. We also enjoy the implicit connection created between all of the movies that fulfill a particular assignment. The assignments are conceived by the site's founders and most active members. We enjoy the collaborative nature of assignment-based movies; each MedicineFilm is a collaboration between the person who wrote the assignment and the person who made a movie to fulfill the assignment. The idea of using assignments was inspired by Learning To Love You More, a project that was very influential to us.

  • Some MedicineFilms won't play on my computer. Why?

    The movies on the site are primarily.mp4 (MPEG-4) and .mov (Quicktime) files. In order to watch these types of media, you need to have the correct plugin, namely, the Quicktime player, and your internet browser needs to know where to find those plugins. Not sure if you have the Quicktime player? Download it here (free). If you have the Quicktime player and are still having problems, try the following.

    On a Mac, use Safari rather than Internet Explorer if possible, as we are experiencing bugs in Internet Explorer for Mac. Using Safari as your web browser you should not experience problems watching any of the movies. If for some reason you must use Internet Explorer on your Mac, try this:
    1. Go to Explorer Menu > Preferences.
    2. Click on Receiving Files > File Helpers in left hand menu.
    3. Click on the extension ".mp4" in right hand menu.
    4. Changed the dropdown box How to handle: View with browser.

    On a Windows machine, for a movie that is not playing, try this:
    1. Right-click on the movie area, go to "plug-in settings," under "browser plugin" click on "MIME Settings," under "MPEG - MPEG system, video, and audio files" make sure "MPEG-4 media file" is checked, and hit "Apply" and "OK."
    2. Right-click on the movie area, go to "plug-in settings," change the dropdown menu to "update check," and click "Update."
    3. Double-click on Quicktime movie area and it will play (for some reason the Quicktime control buttons don't show up).

  • Does my movie really have to be under 2 MB?


  • But I'm not a filmmaker, what does MedicineFilms have to offer me?

    Though MedicineFilms may appeal to filmmakers because they are already in the habit of thinking visually, our community is not just for filmmakers! Our main goal is to create a space where people connect with one another through personal movie sharing. Another goal is to empower average people to tell their own stories creatively both for the fun to be had doing it and for the valuable documents that are created in the process. We are not here to make "films" in the traditional sense of the word. Medicinefilms are all home movies, and anyone can make one.

  • What's the story behind this website?

    Inspired by the potential of blogging, social networking sites, and the recent affordability of technology such as videocameras, non-linear editing suites, and hard drives, Zac and Regina envisioned a community of do-it-yourself filmmakers that functioned like independent music communities, relying upon cheap and accessible recording technology, word of mouth publicity within a community of people who were both making and consuming media, and an emphasis on content and creativity rather than complete technical proficiency or the level of professionalism that comes with a budget. With help from Jesse and other friends, this vision was realized as

  • I tried to upload a movie and it didn't go through. Why?

    Your movie must be UNDER 2 MB in order to upload. If it is exactly 2 MB or even slightly over 2 MB, it will not upload. This is the most common reason why movies do not upload correctly.

  • I don't have a video camera. How can I participate?

    MedicineFilms is a community oriented website that welcomes everyone. Even if you don't have the ability to make videos right now, we encourage you to participate in our community by creating a profile, updating your Blog, making friends, watching and commenting on movies, and using our Messaging system. We also have a few assignments geared towards you folks without video cameras. You can upload music that you made (Movie Music) as well as slide shows created from photographs (Kodak Moments). If have any other ideas for Assigments that can be done by people without video cameras let us know.

  • Why Shouldn't I Join MedicineFilms?

    We can't think of a single reason. Membership is free. We don't share your personal information with anyone. We don't send SPAM. We're good people running a good website.

  • Why Should I Join MedicineFilms?

    You must be a member in order to watch movies, share movies, comment on movies, create a profile, view others' profiles, read blogs, write in your blog, make friends, send and receive messages from your friends, and give or receive testimonials from your friends. Membership is free.

  • What is is an online community for sharing movies, watching movies, collaborating, and giving and receiving feedback.

  • What is a Medicine Film?

    A Medicine Film is a short home video made in response to one of the assignments created by the site's founders and super-users. Medicine Films are creative, often collaborative, documentary "slice of life" mini-movies.