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Dear friends,
My beloved friend of 12 years, Jared Whitham, was seriously injured last night when a car jumped the median and struck his Mirage camper van as he was heading south on I-75 near Tampa, FL. He was airlifted to St. Joesph's Hospital, where he is mending in Intensive Care. Jared sustained injuries including bruised ribs, a cracked pelvis and a broken hip. I just spoke to him on the phone: it's difficult for him to talk much becuase of his hurt ribs, but I am happy to report that he still has his spirits and was making the nurses laugh when I picked up the phone. He'll get through this.

Please, if you've ever met Jared, or seen his paintings or seen him perform, if he's ever made you laugh or if he's hugged you like a brother, please take a moment and have him in your thoughts, or prayers, however you choose to look at it or what the case may be. I could never imagne a world without Jared in it. I know he'll get through this; he's too strong a soul not to.

I'll leave a few links to his sites with his work on it. If you've never met him or don't know him, please take a moment to look, and if the spirit moves you, leave a note or message of hope. Thank you very much for reading this message.

Jared's website with his paintings
Jared's myspace with his music
Jared's "fanclub" myspace
Jared's videos on Medicinefilms

Photos of Jared, from this past Christmas in Florida:

Jared & I in front of my parents' house

Jared with the Mirage, his all-purpose vehicle which he detailed himself; he was travelling in it when the accident happened. It's reinforced sides probably saved his life when the other car jumped the median (it is now totalled):

Jared with my Mother.