lemonjello I was born in a crossfire hurricane.

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Sex: Male


Status: Married

Here For: Community

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Location: Chicago \"Burbs\", IL, USA

Occupation(s): Artist, Stagehand, Educator, Scenographer, Jack of Many Trades...

Member Since: 7.11.05

Last Login: 10.04.18

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MedicineFilms.com - Audiobucket


Just playin'

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MedicineFilms.com - My Morning Commute

My Morning Commute

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MedicineFilms.com - Flying Pig

Flying Pig

Here is a Pink Floyd tribute flying in theur giant pink pig from backstage

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MedicineFilms.com - MedicineFilms Ad 11/10/06

MedicineFilms Ad 11/10/06

Jade and Jennifer testify

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MedicineFilms.com - Look at what Zac did...

Look at what Zac did...

Lemonjello introduces his digital visual composition class to MedicineFilms.com.

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MedicineFilms.com - #2 Edit Cowboy Mouth

#2 Edit Cowboy Mouth

A longer version of my previous slide show with different music that is mentione... (continued)

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MedicineFilms.com - SOS


The family dancing to ABBA

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MedicineFilms.com - Look at this Sky.

Look at this Sky.

Going South over the skyway bridge in St. Pete. Beautiful sky, a favorite song.

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MedicineFilms.com - Three guys kickin' out a dance floor...

Three guys kickin' out a dance floor...

It really is three guys kicking the wrinkles on a dance floor. We are getting re... (continued)

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MedicineFilms.com - #1 Son and Rhonda Doing Black Crowes

#1 Son and Rhonda Doing Black Crowes

Rhonda and my son singing Hard to Handle karaoke-style

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MedicineFilms.com - LemonJello Gets the Tour of the Rocket Ship

LemonJello Gets the Tour of the Rocket Ship

Jared visits me at work and we meet for the first time. What a nice/cool guy.

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MedicineFilms.com - Saturday is my son's birthday

Saturday is my son's birthday

Batman turns 3

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MedicineFilms.com - Flashlight Music Video

Flashlight Music Video

A little video loop with music. Still working on the cut and paste bullshit.

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MedicineFilms.com - Baby Beast

Baby Beast

MedicineFilms.com Mother Fucker!!!

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MedicineFilms.com - medicine Films Ad #4

medicine Films Ad #4

T and C

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