this is a good clip!

they are coming oh yes they are coming.

Jun 03, 2005 12:02 AM | reply to me!



Wait, are you sure it wasn't just one of those strobe light things that people use to advertise their booty clubs or car sales? I will need further proof.

Jun 10, 2004 7:29 PM | reply to me!

Yes, the whole thing was crazy and I feel like it was illusory and that the sky was a television projecting unsolved mysteries and Robert Stack was all, "hehey". I have some theories. They're not worth repeating.

Jun 08, 2004 9:14 PM | reply to me!



pooooor zac, his girlfriends never wanna look at his UFOs. :(
hey zac, i wanna see the crazy singing video instead!

Jun 07, 2004 8:03 PM | reply to me!

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stars (you guys will never believe this)

saturday night, started out like any other night, cool and breezy. a good time to be outside. about 3:30 a.m. my friend robbie came over to check the exciting new discussion thread on this site. after that we decided to lay on my parent's driveway in sarasota and look at the stars. a common thing to do for a nice night. then at the same time directly above us. we saw a light, about the size of a star, move about three inches in the sky's plain (...
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