We were in a Toyota 4Runner taking some footage of the truck. I havent seen it again even though we only hit that area every month on average. The object in full speed video capture appears even more human-like. Thanks maigan.

Oct 16, 2004 7:56 PM | reply to me!



That is an intriguing, amazing video. It appears that it has only 2 legs, and is walking the way a human would, but it looks like a fairie or something. And even though the footage is slowed down some, the creature isn't even running. Are you in a bus or something? The cobwebs on the glass make it all the more creepier too. Awesome.

Jul 25, 2004 11:43 PM | reply to me!

It was real, though explained away easily as a gopher or bird by some, the higher resolution film appears to paralyze those conclusions. The lights in the sky should be worthy of investigating if distance wasnt a factor.

Jul 03, 2004 11:28 AM | reply to me!



a dream come true. awesome, man that looks totally believable. what do you think it could have been? it gave me chills. there are alot of things in this world you can't explain, things that don't make sense, things that defy explaination. i believe it as long as it's not a hoax. i tried to capture lights in the sky a few weeks ago. but you can't see anything because the moon was too bright but you can hear the frustration in my voice of not being able to share what monk and i saw that night.

Jul 03, 2004 2:29 AM | reply to me!

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Small Creature

Small creature crossing our path April of last year... We thought this was actually one of our friends from work, 'Midget" out chasing bees or something but it turns out he was in another location at the time of this recording. I have yet to identify the creature.
From avrom
Uploaded Jul 03, 2004 2:17 AM
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Assignment Supernatural
Tags dirt roadrealcreepyhome videosmall creature

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