This is terrifying. Nice job.

Mar 30, 2005 2:31 AM | reply to me!



we'll be on the lookout for one.

Mar 07, 2005 9:57 PM | reply to me!

please skin a manatee. sincerely, gina

Mar 07, 2005 4:28 PM | reply to me!



first i have to say that in my twenty-some-odd years in the sarasota area, i never saw an otter, dead or alive. the fact that one was just hanging out on the side of the road is an element of this story that i feel is overlooked here in the comments section. additionally, i'm staying the hell away from jana from now on. woah.

Mar 07, 2005 4:07 PM | reply to me!

god, this catches the brilliant disgustingness of that experience so well.

Mar 07, 2005 1:52 AM | reply to me!



at least not at the moment, considering that i just got home from a lab + i still stink of formaldehyde. fascinating stuff! where do you even learn that, about the lye + everything? are you people taxidermists or something?

the maggoty stuff was those little white wormy things on the ground, i dunno... as for brains, i bet a decent butcher could hook you up.

Mar 03, 2005 8:40 PM | reply to me!

the thing that looks like maggots...i think that is the caracass once the pelt has been removed. and the jar she's holding is lye for burning the fat off of the pelt. those steps got cut out of this version due to space, but it actually turned out to be a mistake. you use lye when you want to preserve the hide, not for fur, so the pelt got somewhat damaged unfortuantely. it currently resides in the mini fridge again. my housemate has to find some brains to "cure" the pelt with. we tried to remove the otter's brain, but couldn't find it. its skull got shattered probably when it was hit by a car. so, yeah. ...was that too much information? glad you enjoyed it.

Mar 03, 2005 2:03 PM | reply to me!



lovvvve it.

Mar 03, 2005 8:39 AM | reply to me!

how bizarre!

but very good because it was fascinatingly disgusting!

Mar 02, 2005 9:59 PM | reply to me!



Siick! (In an interesting way.)

Mar 02, 2005 8:59 PM | reply to me!

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The Skinning

My roommate found a dead otter on the side of the road, brought it home, stuffed it in a mini fridge on our front porch, and then skinned it in the backyard for its pelt. she plans to make a hat.

This was much longer originally, but I had to cut it down to fit it on the site. so we are missing some essential steps to skinning road kill.
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