Too cute all the costumes! I remember cakewalks in elementary school, they were fun but I never won. And the "you are a sunshine" song brings me back to being a really young kid....

Mar 19, 2005 10:06 AM | reply to me!



i really want to play this game. and eat cake. like at the same time though.

Mar 19, 2005 12:55 AM | reply to me!

This was my homeroom's booth.

It's kind of like musical chairs. The spaces say either "Win a toy," "Win a treat" or "Sorry." The ones who didn't win little prizes got to enter a raffle for a big cake.

Mar 18, 2005 10:21 PM | reply to me!



i love it when they reverse, like in childhood games when all of a sudden you have to reverse or run back, light red light green light. cuteness galore!

Mar 18, 2005 6:01 PM | reply to me!

looks like fun!

was this at your school? what is on the floor?

i want some cake now.

Mar 18, 2005 4:47 PM | reply to me!


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happy little costumed feet
From marissamorrison
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Music You Are My Sunshine by Goldilox

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