Ive found: Watchers, license to drive, Dream 1& 2, lucas, blown away, lost boys, last resort, dem uni, just one of the girls, fever lake, and a bootleg dvd of me, myself and I!!!!
Haimster you are too hard on yourself there is loads of your stuff on dvd now! Not many special editions though, I want a Watchers special edition, deleated scenes and interviews! That would be cool. Peace!

Nov 21, 2005 3:13 PM | reply to me!



cool clips. What was "The Double O Kid" about? how come you can't many of your movies on dvd? That end clip reminded me of License to drive. That's one of my favorites.

Aug 08, 2005 5:43 PM | reply to me!

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Fast and the Furious

Here's a few of my favorite clips from my movie "The Double O Kid". Sorry about the black lines, I got this off of Bit Torrent (thanks to my cousin Nash for hooking me up with the Bit Torrent, I can get all of my movies on my computer!) I've been wanting to watch all of my movies again so I get the "acting bug" back in my system. But dudes, can you believe, you can hardly get any of my movies on DVD? Wtf is THAT about?
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