i even forgot how much i love the original until i saw this

May 08, 2005 7:52 PM | reply to me!



i have a new respect for accordion players, + i am thrilled to learn that you are one.

Apr 27, 2005 3:20 PM | reply to me!

thanks! as an accordion player, i loved this.

Apr 27, 2005 2:53 PM | reply to me!



i was thinkin "holy hell" throughout

Apr 27, 2005 9:03 AM | reply to me!

the lovely sarah was kind enough to let me have whirl on hers before demonstrating her own prowess. holy hell! now i know the fastest way to get a really well-defined left tricep.

Apr 26, 2005 9:27 PM | reply to me!



I was surprised at how heavy they are! Put the thing on and almost fell over:)

Apr 26, 2005 1:34 PM | reply to me!

My mom always played accordion. Any style, any song, she could just figure it out. We'd be around a fire in the summer with a bunch of neighbors or visiting family, and people would play the usual assembly of guitars and maybe beat on one of my dad's pieces of homemade lawn furniture, and out would come my mom with a big old accordion, stealing the show every time. I love accordion! Yay!

Apr 26, 2005 9:01 AM | reply to me!



i totally know what you mean. accordions are so hot/kooky/addictive that i think it is probably really easy to OD on them really fast. maybe b/c the sound can be carnival/circus-like, or b/c you're always only a couple of steps away from a polka, or something.
these girls could change your mind, though. i mean, they did "bohemian rhapsody" for their encore! really tough not to love, yo.

Apr 26, 2005 8:41 AM | reply to me!

The other day I was just saying, "Man I think it would be cool to learn the acordian..." And then I saw this... PIMPIN'! Ha and with the beatles music! That so rockin. Hmmm... I wonder though... maybe there are just too many acordians going on. I think the acordian sound for me is kind of cookie... I like it, but if I hear to much of it, I start to hate it. Why?

Cool vid.

Apr 26, 2005 7:54 AM | reply to me!



i know, i really really want to be one of them.
i could only show half of them in my video, since the other half of the stage was poorly lit. but in full force i think the total orchestra consists of 18 WOMEN, in pigtails, with accordions. if that isn't any sane person's fantasy, then i don't know what is.

Apr 26, 2005 12:39 AM | reply to me!

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mister kite

i went a little accordion crazy this weekend. thank god szm introduced me to the smooth sounds of the main squeeze orchestra. i have now realized my dream: to become, someday, a member.
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