crazy tom

Jun 02, 2005 11:47 PM | reply to me!



drugs. this movie communicates drug usage to me. tom needs help, and medicine films is the perfect medicine.

May 26, 2005 3:51 PM | reply to me!

watching sparkle is just like watching theE! channel...............totally radical!

May 26, 2005 9:23 AM | reply to me!



Yep, it's definitly sick. When will it not be acceptable to spend $300 on a shirt? I'm waiting for that. It will always be acceptable though.

May 26, 2005 1:56 AM | reply to me!

Wow the coke machine is at it again.. Over and over and over again. In the walk there it looked like there was nice art on the walls. Once we dispell the myth of fame America will be in an aids clinic.

May 26, 2005 12:44 AM | reply to me!


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That Pat Benatar thing Pt 2

Tom is Cruisin! Like a cheap tabloid magazine, Sparkle keeps you informed on the important news.
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