Which totally sucks. I just got a new bike in April, and I wanted to go out riding this weekend, but with the unbearable heat and humidity and smog I had to spend the weekend inside.

Why is Toronto's weather so crazy hot when we're so far north?

I liked your bike movie, Tuckertron. After I watched it I wanted to ride my bike, but then remembered the heat and smog and yuck.

Jun 12, 2005 7:52 PM | reply to me!



i envy u all for living in nicer climates *tears

Jun 12, 2005 7:41 PM | reply to me!

i am in love with my bike. my other bike which i loved even more was ruined when i got hit by a car last summer. but so far this one is holding up just fine.

Jun 12, 2005 7:35 PM | reply to me!



I know what you mean. I get sad by 2MB quality too but i'm a boy connecticut boy and upgrades cost the money.

Jun 12, 2005 3:28 AM | reply to me!

was the song directed toward your relationship with your bike?
'cause summer is the perfect time for that kind of intimacy.
i have a schwinn as well. i'm guessing that is a newer schwinn, if it's a schwinn at all.
my schwinn has ape hanger handel bars, i'm in love with my bike too!

Jun 11, 2005 7:07 PM | reply to me!



I felt as though I was stuck in Virginia's pristine veneer (I've spent a few summers in VA beach). I always imagine these scenes of perfected terrain in post-apocolypse. As though some virus had killed humanity, but golf courses and man-made lakes persist into infinity. I think I need help.

Jun 11, 2005 11:04 AM | reply to me!

i only wish it could have looked nicer on this site. but since i dont have an upgraded account this is what i will have to settle for.

Jun 11, 2005 10:05 AM | reply to me!



I'm lovin it

Jun 11, 2005 3:10 AM | reply to me!

Brilliant!! I love it!

Jun 10, 2005 10:54 PM | reply to me!


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bicycle boy

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