Faux Naivete, the new realism.

Any kind of school is kind of scary... schools offer about as much as a chinese buffet can... Mr. Miyagi was a master teacher, not a mass programmer. Mentors can craft you, but all anyone really needs to learn is to focus on unlearning all that they've been taught.

WONderful work J...

Jul 20, 2005 8:08 PM | reply to me!



It's easy I used Two overhead projectors. Two Dimmer switches wired in and A white sheet. I incourage others to try the same at home. It cost me 30dollars to produce The Hands of Dexter Pecan.

Jul 15, 2005 11:19 AM | reply to me!

Mitch I'm also sure the know how hot headed I can get sometimes.
I'm a Turus or raging bull somtimes.
I'm glad you made that comment and you are right.

I know of many people that have gone to RSAD and have become masters of there craft. A matter of fact when I went. The RSAD foundation year or Freshman year was great. I had some realy genuis teachers that made it a special year and I learned alot. I learned things and new ways to see things that realy openned my mind.

But the School in fact has gone down hill. They are trying to turn it into a trade school instead of an art school. One problem is the school is trying to meet the ill standards of the selfish yuppy parents sending there kids to art school. This Generation of swine doesn't get it. They wan't there kid to go to art school and be able to make lots of money after they graduate. Dah....

If money is the issue send them to busness collage. The funny thing is the family that is going to act like that usuilly has enough money to not even worry about money. Oh will go ahead and be brain washed.

On top of that the top admisstration at RSAD are trying to start a dame fortune five hundred club. By jacking up there student enrolement and get as many students packed as possable. I have know this for a long time for the fact that they have no standards. The will accept anybody. Even someone that has almost
no artistic talent or drive. Quanity of Qaulity. The kids with the low talent or low ambition end up flunking out. Or just blowing alot of money. Look mom I went to art school and became an Acholoic.

But were ever you are and what ever you are doing. It's all about what you make of it. You can go to one of the shittiest community collages in the world and still have a good time, learn alot and get a degree, and also make new freinds. That is just not my style. You just have to make the best of it. Thank you for reminding me that Mitch.

Jul 13, 2005 9:59 AM | reply to me!



that was really awesome jared.
very creative and liked the sets or whatever they were.nice colors! very very well done. id give you and A

Jul 13, 2005 12:14 AM | reply to me!

i may differ with you on some of your statements jared on art school.
that's only because i graduated from art school and found the experience to be beneficial. but we've already had this conversation many times over.

you should just say it wasn't for you. calling art school an oxymoron may offend people such as myself who enjoyed it. if you make that statement you may as well take art out of the school system all together. education is never a bad thing.

i am very very glad you put this movie up. it's one of my favorite pieces of your work.

Jul 12, 2005 11:15 PM | reply to me!


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The Hands of Dexter Pecan

A story about a boy who refuses to wash his hands.
I wrote directed and stared in this 10min live performce.

Award winner for best cinimatograghy at the Gainsville Film festival in 2000. Wich is funny because it was a live performance. The camra never moved. I think it was the composition that did it for them.

Live music improv by Marc Zouhar. Marc amazed me by his performance because we never rehersed. I just told him what I was looking for and gave him a...
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