Bacon gets all the love!

Jul 18, 2005 7:40 PM | reply to me!



two words: fuggin sweet ass.

Jul 15, 2005 12:36 AM | reply to me!

oh brooklyn sin with me again!

what can i say budlight makes me grind on things especially if they are huge airbrush portraits of footloose actors.

i love this. love love love love love love.

miss you guys!

Jul 14, 2005 11:00 PM | reply to me!



there can onmyl be one bacon.

but he can know everyone and be everywhere.

Jul 14, 2005 10:55 PM | reply to me!

OH MY GOD JED that was amazing. i felt like i was on the roof again, witnessing all of that sinning yet again. seriously though, i felt pure, like i did that night...

Jul 14, 2005 10:41 PM | reply to me!



I slipped some in

Jul 14, 2005 10:18 PM | reply to me!

Great editing; I loved the Francis/Kevin/Oscar Meyer collaging going on. Awesome!

Jul 14, 2005 10:17 PM | reply to me!



did i see some francis *bacon* in there

Jul 14, 2005 10:15 PM | reply to me!

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enough with the bacon

this will be my last foray into the world of bacon and people i know. onlychild was asking for this. but i only had photos so i put them together with what i guess is the most overused music on this site. quality is bad and i go a little crazy with the bacon

once again, Brooklyn NY, post christian revival, are two hero's are back to their sinning ways. bud light, what can i say
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