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Punk Rock and Hardcore

1:15 AM - 28JAN - 2005 - Smitty and I got a chance to sit down, one on one with Houston's infamous "AfroPunk", Rad Rich. Listen to his take on what hardcore is.

The ending is chopped, I just wanted to post a clip for all of you who inJoy punk and hardcore, Rad Rich has been a huge influence to the wonderful underground community of Houston with his late night radio show, "Rock&Roll Review".

From vaxzine
Uploaded Jul 16, 2005 2:22 PM
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Tags RISKafropunkstrengthno rulesintegrity
Music murphys law,agnostic front,seven seconds,pro-pain,the clash,badbrains,minor threat,cromags.
Participants Rad Rich - Smitty - PARKS

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