what was that? i don't even know what to say about that.

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There are these Ecuadorians who are on every touristy street corner and shopping mall in Canada (maybe the US too?) with their braids and colourful shirts playing their flutes to bad songs (like Abba and worse) with accompaniment piped out through their karaoke amps. They also sell their CDs. This looks exactly like that, except they are dressed in ceremonial North American dress -- maybe that appears as more authentic in France. Crazy.

Anyways, I think that authenticity disappeared a long time ago. Have you read Baudrillard's America?

Jul 24, 2005 9:30 AM | reply to me!

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Metro Indians

What is authentic and what is not? Can anyone be authentic anymore without having to make a spectacle or at least make a living in the lower rings of the entertainment industry?
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Assignment Natives and Indigenous Peoples
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