I love it and I love sox. Boy so I love socks. Krebster is on the right track. I going to do more stuff with socks. Spend more time with them you know. Special Time. Special Sock time....
Man I feal inspired. Thank you for putting this one up Krebby.

Jul 25, 2005 12:12 AM | reply to me!



So many interesting things done with socks on MedicineFilms -- microwaving them, ironing them in Project Omicron. Maybe there should be a "things to do with socks" assignment.

Jul 24, 2005 6:15 PM | reply to me!

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frank in europe - episode #2

steaming socks - circa '98
From krebstar_2000
Uploaded Jul 24, 2005 2:37 PM
Views 3878
Props 4
Assignment Beauty Secret
Tags microwavesteamingaustriasocks
Participants frank

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