So this is a goofy experiment. When I made this little film masterpiece, on by clearnce video camera, I had to download special software to play it on my ibook. I can't watch it on the MF with my ibook, but I can with my Gateway (not a Mac of course, duh!). The cheap camera is a good buy though, under $100 on clearance at Target. Shit! That's almost disposable at that price.
I have acces to a cute Sony I bought for work. I will be playing with that soon on MF.

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Cheap Camera on Clearance

The quality is better than this clip demonstrates, but my better clips are too long to post. This camera creates ASF files to read ASF files on my Mac, I had to go to this website to download some freeware. I don't know if this is going to work on MF films or not.
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