this reminds me of the movie koyaanisqatsi only less arpeggios:P

Sep 28, 2005 6:18 PM | reply to me!



Haha! Thanks everybody!!

Sep 23, 2005 7:55 PM | reply to me!

I was enjoying this, but I ran out of time..Gotta go!

Sep 23, 2005 1:09 PM | reply to me!



Oh, wow, Maigin, this is beautiful! So captures that feeling, stuck in time, running out of time, all at once. I love it. You are my hero.

Sep 23, 2005 9:32 AM | reply to me!

the clock is ticking, until we move that is.


i'm sooooooo excited!

Sep 23, 2005 12:02 AM | reply to me!



time is the ultimate stronghold....i agree

Sep 22, 2005 11:46 PM | reply to me!

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We have all the time in the world, but we're running out of time.
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