heya i was at that show too!! it was good, and the solid bronze dancers were good too, esp that one who was really writhing around up there. they used to put on really wild shows back in st louis. its so sad about new orleans but im sure it will be back to seminormal soon. i hope they can fix saturn bar.

Nov 10, 2005 9:59 PM | reply to me!



This is a message from Quintron's friend, Rick Delaup:

Quintron and Miss Pussycat will be going on tour beginning in October. Just like all of us from New Orleans, we have a very long road ahead of us just to get back to any normalcy. Their house and the Spellcaster Lodge was located in one of the worst areas affected by Hurricane Katrina. The Spellcaster Lodge still sits underwater as you are reading this now. Quintron and Pussycat did great things for the cultural landscape of New Orleans. So if you are able to attend any of their upcoming shows, please take up a collection for them. It is going to be a huge task for them to rebuild their lives. More than you can imagine, unless you've gone through a similar experience.

And this is from Mark Fischer, of Skin Graft Records:

Quintron and Miss Pussycat did make it out of NewOrleans before the hurricane hit. Their van was loaded up with theirinstruments and puppets - but their house, the Spellcaster Lodge and ALL of their belongings are casualties of Hurricane Katrina. Pretty much all Q andP have is what they need to tour... This is a DEVASTATING turn of events forour friends.

Here's how you can help:

Those with paypal accounts can send donations to Quintron and MissPussycat's Rhinestone Records account.

Their paypal id is: rhinestonerecords@hotmail.com

If you don't have a paypal account, I'll gladly accept donations here at the label - make them payable to the Skin Graft, make it clear that it's for Q and P and I'll see that they get it. Other members of New Orleans' music community are certainly in trouble as well - - Q is very concerned about M.C Trachiotomy, StrangeBone... so many of the bands and artists you may be familiar with from the Engine Engine #9 compilation... Everyone effected by this tragedy is in our thoughts.

Nov 02, 2005 7:37 PM | reply to me!

Holy crap! How did you video this show? I've asked Quintron twice now and he never grants me permission, saying filming his performances gives him bad luck.

Anyway, go see Quintron play! Here are the remaining tour dates:

thurs NOV 3 - MILWAUKEE, WI @ Mad Planet w / HARRY MERRY
fri NOV 4 - DETROIT, MICH @ Bohemian Club w / HARRY MERRY, DJs Stevo & Bradster
sat NOV 5 - TORONTO @ The Silver Dollar w / HARRY MERRY
sun NOV 6 - MONTREAL @ Zoobizzare w / HARRY MERRY
mon NOV 7 - MONTREAL @ Zoobizzare w / HARRY MERRY
tues NOV 8 - OFF
wed NOV 9 - NEW HAVEN CT @ Cafe 9 w / HARRY MERRY
thurs NOV 10 - BOSTON, MASS @ Middle East Cafe w / HARRY MERRY
fri NOV 11 - PROVIDENCE, RI @ venue tba w / HARRY MERRY
Sat, NOv 12 - BROOKLYN, NY @ some guy's warehouse - 538 johnson ave brooklyn, ny in Bushwick area (TODD P. PRODUCTION) w / HARRY MERRY, BIG A LITTLE A, MR. AND MR. AND MRS. EVIL (San Francisco), more...
Sun NOV 13 - NEW YORK CITY @ Mercury Lounge w/ An Albatross & HARRY MERRY
mon NOV 14 - OFF
tues NOV 15 - Rochester, NY - THE BUG JAR w / HARRY MERRY
fri NOV 18 - PHILIDELPHIA, PA @ First Unitarian Church w / HARRY MERRY

Nov 02, 2005 7:33 PM | reply to me!



Quintron rocks!

Nov 02, 2005 4:01 PM | reply to me!

that was such an GOOD show!

yay for puppet shows!

Nov 01, 2005 7:32 PM | reply to me!


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The Amazing Quintron and Miss Pussycat

A great show, Halloween night!

Quintron built his own analog drum machine called the DRUM BUDDY which is amazing!

Also check out their site:

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