I didn't realize the guitar was being played on the actual video until I scrolled and saw that last sentence. Pretty music. And either you captured some ghosts, or you were able to perfectly re-create the way the eyes work late, late into the morning, or maybe it was a midnight smoker hanging out. Or probably all three. Very nice!

Nov 04, 2005 12:43 AM | reply to me!


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this is part of a series in which i am given 24 hours to produce a video under the obsticales which are given to me at midnight.

the obsticles for this video were

1. the camera must always be in a car( which was hard cause i don t own a car)
2. it must be based on a true story.
3. no skin can be shown
4. it has to be exactly 2 minutes

the gutair is being played by baron in the back of his station wagon
From frog
Uploaded Nov 03, 2005 8:45 PM
Views 3379
Props 3
Assignment aaaaaaaaaaah
Tags frogfrogs musicfrogsmusicfrog music video
Music baron

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