rad! i enjoyed the subtle editing.

anything with zombies is awesome in my book.

congrats on making a non-cheesey zombie movie.

Nov 08, 2005 6:44 PM | reply to me!



I like the opening piture the most. Those are some zombies with human hearts. I like, I like.

Nov 08, 2005 3:54 PM | reply to me!

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The Last Supper

As the "Resurrection Plague" tears a small town asunder, an offbeat couple reminisce about their life together as they struggle to keep a positive perspective that they are having their last supper.

Idle Hands Pictures / Slave To The Rhythm Productions, Inc.
Presents: "The Last Supper"
Written by: Rikki Rockett / Helen Garber
Directed, produced and edited by: Rikki Rockett

Clem - Kimko
Kay - Roxanne Jitomir
Butch - Dar...
From idlehandspictures
Uploaded Nov 08, 2005 11:48 AM
Views 4851
Props 4
Assignment Conversation
Tags positivelast suppersmall towndeathplague

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