Jan 09, 2006 6:19 PM | reply to me!




I thinks now I will feel encourage enough to eat the dry stuff ... I just plug the video on then watch ...and follow instructions on...
sparkle ...
pop myself

feeling full -filled allready.....haaaa

Jan 04, 2006 8:33 PM | reply to me!

nice but that's not a healthy breakfast young man! May I suggest the next song you do a movie to be:
"Touch Myself" by the diVINYLS? Now I know it's a silly song but I think it could be an excellent daily ritual film. hmmm? :-)

Jan 03, 2006 1:56 PM | reply to me!


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How I make Breakfast! :)
From asong
Uploaded Jan 03, 2006 9:58 AM
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Music I have no idea...

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