Sorry are you on

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Yah man, I had to pawn that off among other things like my own movies, but that's a good album if you can find it.

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I tried to buy Corey's "Former Child Actor" album on Amazon and it's $50. I missed out. It used to be about $6. Who knows though, if I win the lotto I WILL definitly buy the album, because I know it will be worth it. His music isn't the same since he got the truth movement band behind him.
And if anyone reading this happens to have his know who to call!! Feldman Forever.

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My PaL Corey Felddog

Yo peeps, so this time I aint doing any editing magic! More stuff from Vh1, thought you internet folks might want to see some tv action! Man, me and the Feldster had such a kick ass time back in the day. I miss it.
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