so the reason we where disqualified is really sad and there a lesson in there to be learned. i finished up around 3 or 4 that sat afternoon and was all happy and confident. when it came time to turn in the dv tape at 8 i grabbed the wrong unlabled tape and so that was what was played at the screening. luckely it wasn't an incriminating tape. but the lesson i should have learned was to lable everything. but to be honest i still havent' learned that lesson yet. i have 4 unlabled 'important' tapes on my keyboard to remind me what they are and i have no clue.

Jun 20, 2006 7:06 PM | reply to me!



Easily my favorite movie of the 2004 Florida 1440 Film Fiasco, I would have bet on it being the winner if it hadn't been disqualified.

Andy's performance is classic! Fantastic cinematography and direction Frog. Also, the way you guys worked in the required line of dialogue was perfect.

Mar 16, 2006 1:15 AM | reply to me!

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FFFF04 Movie - Singing Lawn Chairs

This is the official entry from Singing Lawn Chairs for the 2004 Florida 1440 Film Fiasco. Entitled, "Fast Cash", this movie incorporates the following assigned required elements:

Theme: Fast Cash
Character: Washington Insider
Line: "They've got some good looking nuts this year."
Prop: Doctor's Reflex Tool
Actors: Daniel Kahn, Solomon Strul

Film team, Singing Lawn Chairs, inc...
From floridafilmfiasco
Uploaded Mar 03, 2006 1:06 PM
Views 5172
Props 1
Assignment Florida 1440 Film Fiasco
Tags Florida Film FiascoFilm FiascoSinging Lawn ChairsFlorida 1440 Film FiascoDaniel Kahn
Music Frog
Participants Frog, Andy Krone, Daniel Kahn, Solomon Strul

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