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FFFF04 Movie - Team Sensiculus

This is the official entry from Team Sensiculus for the 2004 Florida 1440 Film Fiasco. Entitled, "Bang!", this movie incorporates the following assigned required elements:

Theme: A Night to Forget
Character: Computer Hacker
Line: "Dancing and fashion is always in fashion at the Copa Cabana."
Prop: Fairy Wings
Actors: Caitlin Cowie, Toni Harper

Film team, Team Sensiculus, incl...
From floridafilmfiasco
Uploaded Mar 05, 2006 2:05 AM
Views 3426
Props 0
Assignment Florida 1440 Film Fiasco
Tags Caitlin CowieKerryFloridaTeam SensiculusGainesville
Participants Cory, Kerry, Mark, Matt, Romeal, Shannon, Caitlin Cowie, Toni Harper, Priscilla Faas

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