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FFFF04 Movie - The Greatest Team

This is the official entry from The Greatest Team for the 2004 Florida 1440 Film Fiasco. Untitled, this movie incorporates the following assigned required elements:

Theme: Family Affair
Character: Newspaper Reporter
Line: "I yield to no one but the man who sent me here."
Prop: Bock Im Stein
Actors: Ron Shachar, Satya Sivananda

Film team, The Greatest Team, included:
From floridafilmfiasco
Uploaded Mar 07, 2006 3:12 PM
Views 3563
Props 0
Assignment Florida 1440 Film Fiasco
Tags Film FiascoGabriel GalvinRon ShacharFloridaThe Greatest Team
Participants Gabriel Galvin, Sterling Kruzing, Natalya Thomen, Xavier, Ron Shachar, Satya Sivananda

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