I eat the talking bees, because I'm George Washington Christ.

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Your a pro. How did you ever figure out how to do that. You must practice a super alot all the time'n'stuff.

You should be on TV!

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Here's how.


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That's a nice poker top. We usually just play it on top of a kitchen table with cheap chips. How do you sand a Nexgen?

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Nexgen Chip sanding - Test 5 - Table Nudge

This is a more practical test to compare sanded Nexgens to non sanded ones. On the left is a stack of sanded Nexgens and on the right is a stack of non sanded Nexgens.

Iím trying to simulate typical banging and nudging of a typical poker table. Mine is more shakey than your average table, as itís just a top, on a coffee table.

Youíll see the sanded Nexgens donít spill at all and only slant, as the non sanded ones spill quite easily.
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