neat workout of the Video FX. The amazing growing time code is my fave!

Jul 10, 2006 10:33 AM | reply to me!



Nah, you still got it toots!

Jul 07, 2006 12:23 AM | reply to me!

why thanks, it's been a while since I've edited.... I'm a little rusty.

Jul 04, 2006 9:22 PM | reply to me!



Looks fun. I like the time-time-time code.

Jul 04, 2006 7:48 PM | reply to me!

They remind me of a more indie-ish Morphine

Jul 04, 2006 1:27 AM | reply to me!


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Starlight Mints in Chicago

I had the pleasure to see the starlight mints last month. Here are some clips of different tracks.
From mitchtaylor
Uploaded Jul 03, 2006 8:14 PM
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Music Starlight Mints

Fresh Connections - The Royal Chains -  2/17/08 The Royal Chains - 2/17/0...
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From: harlan
Views: 9952 - A Song Called A Song Called "Enter the M...
From: maiginblank
Views: 3762 - Are You Serious? Are You Serious?
From: pinkuschi
Views: 2896 - Recycle : The Life Story of a Coke Bottle Recycle : The Life Story o...
From: openhappiness
Views: 4234 - Meet Irene - Love It Light Meet Irene - Love It Light
From: loveitlight
Views: 3533 - Hull 2 Hull 2
From: kipper
Views: 3192 - copter - 6ft chickan copter - 6ft chickan
From: pussyholesurfer
Views: 4046 - you have bad taste in music you have bad taste in musi...
From: owned
Views: 5755 - An Enchanted Evening - Musical Surreal Performance An Enchanted Evening - Mus...
From: msdivine
Views: 2106 - Home To Chicago Home To Chicago
From: zac
Views: 3899 - Stephen Malkmus at Pitchfork Festival Stephen Malkmus at Pitchfo...
From: maigin
Views: 3606 - Drumming to Paramore 2 Drumming to Paramore 2
From: russ
Views: 2636 - Oh How Your Love Is Strong Oh How Your Love Is Strong
From: kipper
Views: 2881 - Keyboard Morning Keyboard Morning
From: ibid
Views: 3565 - America America
From: toiletbuddies
Views: 4975 - Celebration of Life, of Love Celebration of Life, of Lo...
From: maigin
Views: 4258 - Happy Birthday, Dear Franklin, Happy Birthday, My Good Friend Happy Birthday, Dear Frank...
From: crookedletter
Views: 4363 - Blue Vinyl (May 17, 2005) Blue Vinyl (May 17, 2005)
From: tvschool
Views: 4102 - Can't keep from crying sometimes Can't keep from crying som...
From: kipper
Views: 3227