That's good stuff!

Sep 30, 2006 10:24 PM | reply to me!



I haven't seen Heartbeeps either but should check it out. He does rule.

Sep 29, 2006 4:21 PM | reply to me!

Ahh, forgetten screen siren Jill Claybourgh, once Oscar nominated for, fuck, she was though, that one year (1977?) for Best Actress. Anyway, Kaufman IS GOD. Back when he did stuff for old school SNL. And everything else he did. Still haven't seen "Heartbeeps" though. Heard it sucked, but fuck it, he will ALWAYS RULE.

Sep 29, 2006 1:47 AM | reply to me!


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Andy Kaufman-Old McDonald

Oink oink here, oink oink there! More Kaufman for you.
From lost
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