my whole life just flashed before my eyes

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Lotta posters, man! 80's Posters are an artform of their own. They are equally thought-provoking and in-your-face. It sucks that they don't make posters nowadays like they did in the 80's. I also love 70's action posters, like ones for Charles Bronson and Lee Marvin movies. They boasted great minimalism and didn't even know it. Also, the poster for the original Dirty Harry is one of my all time favorites.

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haha, cool! have you seen the book "1001 movies you must see before you die"?

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Thanks! I used iMovie ver. 3.0.3, it was a pain in the ass. my computer is old and once all those clips started to add up it took forever just to do stuff like deselect a clip.

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This makes me realize that I've only seen about 20% of all movies ever made! I need to get with the feature film program! It's a cool idea, to look into what it says about yourself. I think it shows you have a broad range of taste actually.

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Freaking awesome! Did you use FCP for this?

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A Personality in Posters

This project started as a quaint idea and grew into something of an analysis of my personality. These are the posters of the movies I have watched and liked. These are not all the movies I've seen, just the ones that I liked when I saw them. Some I don't like anymore, some I would only watch if they were on TV and nothing else was on. The interesting thing is that I found it to tell a lot more about me than I thought. Something deeper than just what I like. It revealed a level of escapism and ch...
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