The old man head balences well with Lynnes jesture realy well.

My most favorite stuff is the dissapearing tricks and the reapearing tricks!

I love magic. That realy worked and took me out of my seat.
cottage cheese. Yes. You made it work.

You get extra props from jared for incorperating an art sculter prop!
But it could have been done better by makeing the object more a part of the place by connecting it. It's the food bowl an african mask or is it real maggots, thing. So had a hard time melting and fusing the reality. Because the magot dish came from another realty and whole other place for me. I feal the most effectively creative film in the fiasco.

I'm adding this movie to my favorites to I can share it more with my Friends. Two thumbs up. So maybe you got me sick? instead of the other way around.

Nov 19, 2006 4:33 PM | reply to me!


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2006 film fiasco: team frog

so once a year pricilla and kamphey put on a 24 hour video competition. this is my submision
From frog
Uploaded Nov 18, 2006 7:08 PM
Views 4160
Props 2
Assignment Florida 1440 Film Fiasco
Tags lynnpamskeetjessicafrog
Music frog

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