Zac, you rock the casbah KINDA like the last gasp of the Jones/Strummer* era of th e Clash, except you rock WAAAY HARDER cuz "Sandinista!" is (and diehard Clash fans WILL NOT DISAGREE with me) the last truly great Clash album**.

Goddamnit Zac we need to hang out and get KRUNK and finish "Hazerd Lites!!!" When ya git back from NYC, buzz me man, cuz I'm 'round like Ol' Yeller (minus the Rabies infection)

* The most famous person I've ever met in my entire life is Joe Strummer. He did an instore at Tower on Clark in the summer of 2001. He was short ('bout 5'9) and had cold clammy hands...but still, JS is the most famous person Ive ever met, but hopefully that will (in the next 3 years) change...

**"Sandinista!" is honestly the greatest Clash album of all time! I used to LOVE "London Calling" but that album honestly is WAY TOO PLAYED OUT I'm not dissing it, it is a masterpiece (the night I found out Joe Strummer died, I wept while listening to the SONG "London Calling" but anyway "Sandinista!" blows "LC" out-tha-water cuz it's the punkrock Physical Graffiti, and fuck all the stupid dubreggae tracks, "Sandinista!" is filled with AMAZING songs that you prob'bly haven't heard yet, like "Midnight Log" and "Lose This Skin" and "Kingston Advice" and "Version City" and "Junko Partner"

Anyway, that's me ramblin', like a played out Allman Bros tune (which is ironic, cuz i NEVER cared to get to the allman bros - cuz CCR and Skynryd are AND WILL BE waaaaaaay better)

Jan 07, 2007 5:18 AM | reply to me!


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medicinefilms update!

wow guys! thanks for coming back!

still here and going to make a rockin new year and a rocking come back!

i have been sick BTW.

i just needed some medicine.
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