Zac, Frog, y'all can check class Nailhead is referring to here:

I was a 13 year-old freshman when NFP was banned in our schools. I never thought I'd meet Manny: a legend!

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we're all from or grew up in St. Petersburg, FL. i didn't know the founder of Not For Profit, Manny, at the time. we forged a friendship through a mutual friend and only within the past few months did it occur to anyone to document the zine and interview the founder. a USF professor in our circle wanted to do a lesson on zines so one drunken night Manny brings not just copies of Not For Profit but the original cuts and pastes! we're like, we have to shoot this now before he leaves for Nicaragua......glad you liked it.

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here here!

this is awesome!

zines were a very important part of me learning about punk rock politics in the 90's and expanding my views of the world.

they also important because it was one of the only ways to create a youth culture network otuside of the mainstream.

the real internet before the internet.

i would love to see more!

where did you come from?

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this is outstanding. thanks fer shareing

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mid-1980's zine erupted from Florida teen angst. interview with founder
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