Dane Cook, Haha, Dane Cook. Most people who have seen his stand-up arent aware that hes 36 years old or that hes been doing stand up for at least 15 years. I dont know about the others, Lewis Black, and who all. Ive talked to quite a few stand-ups and they all say you have to be doing it for 10 years before you really know what youre doing. Most of us just set back and listen, and by all means, thats the proper thing to do.

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I didn't even realize that stand-up comedy had so many guidelines. I thought as long as you were funny you could do stand-up comedy. I mean it worked for Dane Cook, it worked for Jane Sosburg, it worked for Lewis Black and it worked for Jones Dewsberry.
Oh well, I guess every art-form has it's 'criteria'.

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You hit it on the head when you said "Relation." A good stand up comedian takes everyday things and connects them to their original thoughts in a way that people relate to and can use in their own everyday life.
However, the rules are like a recipe, they are the way they are because they work. Theyve been proven time and time again. Read the book, you'll understand.
To me Genius cant be recreated, if it could it would just be an everyday thing. I believe that the AMAZING mr SLuG deserves credit for being contreversial and causing such a ruckus. However, it still doesnt belong in a Stand-up Comedy Club, which is the entire cause for all the forementioned ruckus.

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Before the Standup Comedy bible was written there was standup comedy.

Genuis makes good standup comedy.
the Standup comedy book make rules.

Genuis creates new systems and paterns that renteral the old rules and systems obselete.

Standup comedy is a subGenrua of Performance art.

Rock Paper Sissors

Comedy is bases on the art of perspective and relation.

You do the math...

Jan 26, 2007 8:38 PM | reply to me!

to see the "contraversal" routine that started it all please visit

Jan 26, 2007 2:59 PM | reply to me!


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sheri infroms you

Sheri infroms you of the reasons why the AMAZING mr SLuG IS NOT Stand Up Comedy, and therefore has no business on the stage at Coconuts Comedy Lounge in Gainesvile, Florida.
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