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My Audition

ďParents just donít understand. Iím getting ready for my debut and all my mother wants me to do is eat my Coco Puffs. MmmÖ Coco Puffs. Anyway, Iím Bill the Phone, the Phire enabled mobile banking system. Yeah thatís right. Contrary to what my mother says, I am the one and only Bill the Phone, providing you with a cool convenient and easy alternative to cash with the new Phire system. Go ahead leave your wallet at home. After all, youíve got me, Bill the Phone.Ē To help me change the world, vi...
From kjdenison
Uploaded Mar 02, 2007 9:06 PM
Views 3226
Props 1
Assignment the FUTURE!
Tags PhoneFunnyWeirdPhireMobile

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