attempt at hip hop. So maybe she'll get an idea of how much better Youtube is than this. Plus the bit about modelling.

On another note, there was an editorial today in the Times, about the descent of Black culture from the era of civil rights to the era of magazines proclaiming, "don't snitch." I feel the need to point out that there is no mystery that the racist 1937 Drug War resulted in both, a culture that glorifies criminality, and the ills of alcoholism. (more) (less)
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Real Hip-Hop

This was shot after a gig at Sputnik in Brooklyn almost 3 months ago. I have it in Onespace in Secondlife as well. I have to find out the girl's name. She was a photographer at the press conference at the Apollo (also have some video up of Swiss from that) the next night, as well. Chris Rob is a multi-talented keyboardist who played in the John Legend band with Swiss. I posted this because I think it's silly that the video Paris favorited is a really bad attempt at hip hop. So maybe she'll get a...
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