Congrats J.R.! And congrats Randomizer! That is super awesome.

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JR he do the musique avec pals frm US maple & david yow too. I do the video excusivo like.
See below:

JEFFREY M. ROBINSON ANNOUNCES EXCLUSIVE DATES SOUND AND VISUAL ARTIST TO PERFORM AT ANDY WARHOL MUSEUM Chicago artist Jeffrey M. Robinson has recently completed a series of recordings at museums in the U.S. and Europe. These include The MCA in Chicago, The Getty Museum in Los Angeles, The Metropolitan and the Guggenheim in New York, The Pompidou Center in Paris and The Berlin Art Center. The results are expansive audio templates much like the work of Folke Rabe and Elaine Radigue. These recordings will be presented by the artist with a collaboration by Mark Shippy (US Maple), Matthew Carson, Pat Samson (US Maple) and David Yow( Ex Jesus Lizard) Sacramento based multi media artist John Seden will provide video footage from his 25 year archive. The Dates: The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA. Friday Jan. 25 Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn, NY Saturday Jan. 26 Union Pool, Brooklyn, NY Sunday Jan. 27 Jeffrey M. Robinson is a sound and visual artist. His visual work has been shown at The David Leonardis Gallery, The Art Club of Chicago and The Select Media Festival. His public art installation " Pools of Light" was funded by a grant from the city of Chicago and the Illinois Arts Council. He has collaborated on audio projects with Fred Lonberg Holm, Azita, Mark Greenberg, and Warren Lowman. Recording art projects in 2007 include the following locations: The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY The MCA in Chicago PS1 Contemporary Art Center in NY The Guggenheim Museum in NY The Getty Museum in LA The Andy Warhol Museum in PA The Pompidou Center in Paris The Art Center Berlin The Brooklyn Bridge in NY The Woodstock Opera House Joshua Tree National Park, CA. Publicity contact: Kathryn Frazier/ Biz 3 773.645.1035 Links: Jeffrey M. Robinson Mark Shippy, Matthew Carson, Pat Samson David Yow

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This looks like Mars.

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where is the tour?

for your guys' music?

Jan 14, 2008 1:46 AM | reply to me!

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for the big tour

yo JR, this is some shite for the big tour
this here be the basecoat, more fun plopped on top

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