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Zeitghost - The World Right Now Remixed Yesterday

Eclectic Method and Reggie Watts combine to bring you a tv show/mixtape/hyper-reality/metamix of Movies, TV, Music Videos and
media of the now. Reggie's Remix BeatBox comedy commentary meets The Methods up to the minute Media Mix. The whole show is based around what happened just now being commented on by Reggie and then remixing it. Obama's victory mashes with NERD's latest Everybody nose, or an alternate view on Oil Prices with Coldplay, Kung Fu Panda and Get Smart and The Hulk come tog...
From zeitghost
Uploaded Jun 17, 2008 8:23 PM
Views 3824
Props 2
Assignment Re-Mix
Tags obamacoldplayzeitgeistremixZeitghost

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