So very awesome! If I ever cross paths with someone in need of a studio I'm aiming them your way. Make great things there! ♥

Nov 15, 2009 9:23 PM | reply to me!


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My New Movie studio

Shangrila Studios is my new Movie studio home.
Located at 100 Sutton Street Greenpoint Brooklyn. Located next to ReadySet. If you have any questions for rental or any questions at all contact me. I'm the studio engineer. I own and operate all the lighting and grip. So if your interested in hiring me for locations. Whitham is all ears. I also have a some set production company. I offer affordable rates that are unbeatable. I can save your production money so you can spend it on the artis...
From jared
Uploaded Nov 14, 2009 4:18 PM
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Assignment Jared Whitham Show
Tags Jared WhithamShangrila studios
Participants Jared, Aziza Solano, Dan Sharnoff

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