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Sex: Female


Status: In a Relationship

Here For: Community

Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA

Occupation(s): student/editor/part-time sales

Member Since: 7.10.05

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Videos Subscribe | Play All | Shuffle - Red Bull Spec Commercial

Red Bull Spec Commercial

Director: John Morelli DP: Matthew Sanchez Producer: Maura McDunagh Editor: y... (continued)

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stupid class assignment that we had to work in groups on,... last year or so. t... (continued)

- More Info - - My Aunt on Ellen

My Aunt on Ellen

My aunt is an awesome dancer at family weddings and get togethers, but today she... (continued)

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Conversations with Brian.

a short project made for a documentary class a couple years ago. i, being the u... (continued)

- More Info - - Um... Hypocrisy?

Um... Hypocrisy?

I found this in the Trash on one of the computers at my school... I am fuckin... (continued)

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